At Surrey Physiotherapy we not only treat all manner of sporting injuries but also help people to optimise their physical potential to improve performance and reduce the risk of injury.

Injury prevention is proven to be performance enhancing and our Fit to Compete service is about optimising your potential to perform. Plus it’s suitable for everyone – from recreational athletes to elite sports people. So whether you’re simply running for fun, playing competitive sport at the weekend or training five times a week – it’s well worth investing in a Fit to Compete session to address any niggles or twinges and put you on the right track with your chosen exercise.

How does it work?

Our Chartered Sports Physiotherapist, Ben, has a special interest and experience in optimising physical conditioning and long term athlete development. He will:


  • Take a clinical and training history
  • Perform a physical assessment
  • Work with you to set goals
  • Devise a bespoke programme for you
  • Undertake regular reviews

Of course, we also offer treatment of sports injuries from the acute stage through to the final rehabilitation. And we have experience in treating all levels of athletes ranging from elite through to club and recreational players.