Alison trained at Kings College London and worked in the NHS for 15 years. She also held a five-year research post at the Bioengineering Department of University College London
In the 1980s Alison worked as the Physiotherapist to the Scottish and Welsh Lacrosse teams and accompanied them on a tour of Canada and the USA and to the World Championships in Nottingham.
She specialises in the treatment of neuromusculoskeletal disorders, sports injuries, hypermobility and long-standing problems.

Alison co-founded Surrey Physiotherapy in 1992. The Practice started in Carshalton, moved to Couldson in 1999 and relocated to the Old Couldson Medical Practice at the end of 2018.

She has co-written a text book – Functional Anatomy of the Spine published by Elsevier – and contributed chapters to books on a number of subjects from hypermobility to acupuncture and manual therapy. Alison has also lectured extensively throughout the UK and in Abu Dhabi, Greece and Ireland. At present she lectures to physiotherapists through Welbeing CPD and also works with Infigo to lecture to Podiatrists. In the last year she’s lectured to physios and other healthcare professionals on the management of Hypermobility and Ehlers Danlos Syndrome.

In her spare time, Alison plays hockey and tennis. She’s developed a love of cycling holidays and has cycled in the Outer Hebrides, Belgium, Vietnam and Burma. She has also cycled the London 100 Ride and raised £1100 for the British Heart Foundation.

Alison has run the London Marathon but has no intention of doing it again and now focuses on 5k Park Runs and 10k races. She enjoys live music and theatre.